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Our occupational therapy services can help you or your family member recover from injury or regain your skills. In order to qualify for these services, you will be asked to provide a certified doctor’s order. Next, we will perform an in-depth assessment and evaluation in coordination with you, your family, and your physician so we can formulate and personalize a plan of care and action, which will aid you in a faster and efficient recovery.

  • Mobility Enhancement
  • Muscle Control Restoration and Enhancement
  • Energy Conservation and Management
  • Sensory Functions Restoration
  • Balance Restoration
  • Therapeutic Programs
  • Exercise Programs
  • Pain Management
  • Device Assistance Training
  • Basic Level Skills Education and Training
  • Basic Skills Evaluation
  • Body Mechanics
  • Health Assessment
  • Strength Enhancement
  • Restoring Balance
  • Restoring Muscle Control
  • Restoring Physical Mobility

Talk to your doctor if you think that you need this service. Call us at 909-989-7224 for more information or Set an Appointment with us for a consultation on what we can do for you or your family member.